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StreetSmart Australia

StreetSmart-Logo-landscape-black-80h_RETINA (2)Homeless charity StreetSmart and have recently agreed to a partnership, with providing financial support to StreetSmart. Every paid subscription on our site will see 50% of that subscription donated to assist grassroots homelessness projects that StreetSmart funds.

Adam Robinson founded StreetSmart in Australia in 2003. Frustrated by the lack of leadership and ambition to combat homelessness in Australia, Adam left a successful career in the corporate world to start the not for profit agency, based on a similar organisation in the UK.  The focus of StreetSmart is to fund grassroots organisations that don’t have the capacity or the resources to seek funding.  The philosophy privileges locality – funds raised in local areas are fed back into projects that are as close to that locality, and 100% of donations are channelled into partner charities. These organisations are delivering critical and innovative responses to community needs. To date in excess of $3.4 million dollars has been raised and distributed among more than 400 organisations, funding over a thousand different projects.

To work with StreetSmart in raising much needed funds, allowing us to indirectly support organisations that survive due to assistance from charities like StreetSmart.  We are determined to be more successful, knowing that those who are affected by homelessness across Australia will benefit for our small effort.

We are also determined to take this globally so other countries can benefit from people using our site in those countries. Together we can help.

finderful logo is designed to help you to find the best place to live in Sydney (or elsewhere in Australia) based on your personalised preferences.

All you have to do is type in a place you often travel to (such as your workplace) and simply fill in your preferences. The results will provide all the important information you need in regard to the suggested homes.

The purpose of this website is to figure out which suburbs are best for you, saving you time and money. Furthermore, it helps you to make an informed decision for the location of your new home that you will not regret.

The concept for started in 2013 when the founder (Jayen) was looking for a place to live in Sydney. He was very frustrated looking at websites not being able to decide where to live, especially since there wasn’t one page where he could quickly compare suburbs or even apartments. So he came up with this idea to create a site to combine data together using preferences, rather than just being able to search and sort by a single factor. Being technically minded, he was able to create such a site. That’s how was born. With, anyone can quickly choose what suburb to live in.