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Flatmate Hunting

Flatmate Hunting

8 ways to avoid rental scams

The ability to have access to numerous online rental listings at our fingertips can provide us with
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bathroom and toilet etiquette
Everyday Living

Sharing a bathroom with flatmates

One bathroom, or sharing a bathroom with a housemate? This is always a controversial topic and can


dirty dishes
Flatmate sprung leaving used butter knife next to sink
A new flatmate has been sprung leaving a used
I just took the last crumpet from the packet


flatmate always around HumourSatire
New flatmate always around
Local flatmate Dylan Jackson, 27, is becoming


8 Steps for finding the best flatmates
Whether you’re a veteran or complete beginner
Bad news. Desperate young man holding papers and carrying glasses in his hand while sitting on the couch at home
Time to move on and move out
Are you getting kicked out? The letter