laundry pile of washing

A Pile of Pants – The untold battle for the laundry

For those of us who have lived in a house or flat with a shared laundry you’ll be able to relate. That dreaded moment when you go out to the washing machines, to check your load, and someone has taken out your washing, either mid cycle or at the end of the cycle to put their load in…. and part of you is incredulous – like how dare they touch my stuff, and the other part of you just feels defeated because you really would have liked a more positive ‘mid-week washing experience’.

Quite literally a pile of pants in the laundry. A wet, sopping pile of pants, that you just stare at.

Shared living! Woo!

If you’re lucky you’ll have a dryer that you can fight your flatmates for too. If you’re less lucky, then perhaps a hills-hoist (such a great aussie invention) or a washing line, where some poor sod has taken up 4 lines doing their sheets load on a Sunday and forgotten that by Tuesday another 5 people need line space.

Laundry Negotiations

But don’t despair. Like any shared living space, this one can be negotiated with respect and consideration once you’ve finished silently cursing under your breath.

If you know the perpetrator, often approaching them is a good idea. Do so when you’ve breathed in enough ‘fresh washing smell’ that you’re less incredulous. Knock on their door and try to negotiate a better washing routine. Pick days and stick to them, or hours that works best for your flatmates, depending on their schedules.

Sometimes leaving a well-timed note on their washing basket also helps. They will get the message that they might have upset you. No need to be aggressive but be firm about the fact that you would have liked the privilege to take your own load out of the machine, since you were a big enough adult to be able to put it on in the first place.

In the end don’t forget that you all have to live under the one roof, and it’s not worth going to war over a pile of pants.

Take it in turns, remember – sharing is caring, and don’t be that one person who steals the pegs!!

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