sleeping with a flatmate

What to do when you’ve just had sex with a flatmate

When you go hump in the night and have sex with your housemate!

Sleeping with a flatmate can be as adventurous as any other type of relationship. If the sexual tension is there, or even better, builds over time, it should be discussed (or actioned!), or it can become torture.

So, you’ve slept with one the crew, shat in your own nest! Don’t move out just yet. Now there must have been something there in the first place, and who knows, you may find yourself falling in love with this person. Just don’t move out. If this small intimate rendezvous means that someone may get hurt, let’s put our adult maturity hat on, and sit down and talk it out.

We have all made foolish moves over the years. Moved in one day, slept with them the next! And hey, not just once. Would you believe a serial flatmate bed hopper was in our midst back in the day. just couldn’t help himself. Don’t say you’ve never even thought of it, but just didn’t get around to acting on it.

What could have been

Look, it does get easier. The breakups do hurt, yes we are human. But do you want to go through the rest of your life asking, “what if they were really the one, and they were right under my nose”.

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Now, if you have “done the deed”, “shat in the nest”, “screwed the crew”, well done! Enjoy the ride, and see where it lands. Maintain maturity, but do enjoy the lust and well, the sex!

Also, to make it more fun, try and keep the secret from the other housemates, this just adds to the intrigue!

Should your other housemates speculate, deny everything. You may find it tempting to confide in another of the housemates, or even a friend, but no good will come of it. Better to have a confidant who is unbiased and cannot pose a threat to your good standing within the household.

Obviously tread with caution if they are in a relationship already. May be best if you moved out if the feelings are overly strong.

The thing is, we can’t control our emotions, and we are only human. There have been stories of flatmates marrying each other, and we have even heard of friendships ending over sleeping with flatmates, but like every emotional situation, we learn as we go. So heck, if you’ve got a thing for your flatmate, get in there and go for it! You never know, it could be a “happy ever after” 🙂