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Flatmate pays rent on time

Hayley Connors couldn’t believe it last week when her flatmate, Bec, paid her rent on time.

“I had just got in from work, and Bec was already home from Uni, sitting in the courtyard, when she immediately handed me an envelope,” said Hayley, who has been sharing a flat with Bec for the last 8 months.

“I just thought it was some mail or something, but when I looked closer, it was a blank envelope that hadn’t even been sealed,” Hayley recalled, still quite surprised by the whole ordeal.

Hayley had been engaged to Timothy for 3 years, and they shared the unit together, when Timothy just got up and left quite suddenly, 12 months ago. She lived alone for a few months, but felt it might help if she got a flatmate to move in.

“Another friend was going through a break-up around the same time Timothy left me,” said Hayley. “She said she found a flatmate quite quickly on and it really helped her.”

Hayley and Bec met not long after that, and apart from Bec never paying her rent on time, until now that is, the last 8 months have been trouble free.

“I just started to get used to it, and shifted my expectations” Hayley said of Bec’s tardiness with the rent. “But then this happened, and I was quite surprised, really!”

Hayley paid for take-out dinner that night to celebrate, and Bec has promised to always be on time with her share of the rent.

If you are having trouble with a flatmate paying their rent on time, it can be easy to jump to conclusions. Talking it through and being patience can help to resolve the issue and arrive at a solution. It could be worthwhile seeking an agreement to help avoid any uncomfortable situations.