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Flatmate sprung leaving used butter knife next to sink

A new flatmate has been sprung leaving a used butter knife on the edge of the sink.

“This morning when I came into the kitchen. I noticed a butter knife covered in butter and jam on the counter”, said Amy Johnson via a telephone interview earlier today.

“I had only just woken up, and had wandered in to the kitchen to make a cup of tea when I noticed the knife”, Johnson added.

As she took in the sight, she then noticed her new flatmate, Aaron Kinkaid eating jam on toast while settling down on the couch in front of the TV.

“We’ve made a rule, no food on the couch as well, so I don’t know what planet the new guy is on, but I think it’s time for a house meeting”, Johnson said.

Johnson approached Kinkaid immediately upon discovering the knife and asked if he was in fact the one who had left the used knife on the counter.

“He pretty much confessed on the spot. I guess because he is the new kid on the block, he certainly didn’t want to get off to a bad start, perhaps he thought he might just get away with it”, Johnson said. “He also said he was seriously considering another piece of toast, so I let him off, but just this once. I also explained that we try to clean up as we go around here, but he did look at me a bit strange. Being first thing in the morning as well probably didn’t help”, Johnson added.

Kinkaid was unavailable for comment when contacted.