Fed up with bad flatmates? Post a great ad like this.

We have all come across a bad flatmates at some stage in our lives, whether it be hanging out with our friends flatmate or living with one, they can dampen your mood, but also your spirits about what living with flatmates is all about – having fun and sharing great experiences.

If you have experienced a bad flatmate in the past, that doesn’t mean you should stop your quest to find that perfect flatmate. In fact, why not just be upfront, quirky and upbeat about your bad experiences with your new flatmate ad. Check out what this guy did below.


It seems like a completely normal ad, right? Wait, it gets better!



“Letting your pregnant snake out of its cage and leaving the door open to your room open is not.”





Well, there you have it folks. This would have to go up as one of the best flatmate ads I’ve ever seen.

What do you think?