Will house sharing for single mums become more common?

With the nature of the housing economic climate around the world, and especially in Australia, finding a place to live affordably and comfortably is nearly becoming an unrealistic entitlement for many single mums and families around the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rent prices increasing – Single mums house sharing is increasing
  • New site being developed to launch to help single mums
  • How flatmate.com is planning to help single mums and single parents alike

It’s estimated that rental growth will increase in price by 40% over the next 5 years. Not only growing concerns with rent prices, but finding suitable accommodation is also a strained situation, which is emphasising the situation to get worse for many families and single mums.


Recent Story

Focusing now on Australia – in a recent article by Cosmina Marriner from the Sydney-Herald who interviews two-single mums based in Sydney Min Carroll and Bobbi Bamford, the article illuminates the state of which single mums are now looking outside of traditional accommodation methods to take up living in house sharing situations to be able to live in Sydney’s high rental market.

“We’re on the same team,” Ms Carroll said. She and her children, Raphaella, Felix, and Marlo, share a house in North Narrabeen with Ms Bamford and her daughter Fleur, and their respective pets.

What’s more interesting from the two single mums is that it’s more than just about covering rent costs, but providing mutual support for each other.

“The financial aspect is there of course, but it’s really the sharing and feeling supported,” Ms Bamford said. “It’s someone else to bounce off, to share the load. Taking turns cooking feels really nice.”

In Australia, 1 in 4 Australian kids will experience divorce and this effect correlates in not only personal stress and tough circumstances, but also financial repercussions with approximately a 56% increase in costs.


What needs to be done?

Continuing on from the article, another single mother, Amalia Renwick, is developing a special dedicated website for single mothers after a building a successful facebook to help single mums with options for house sharing.

“This is what needs to be done for single parents,” she said. “You can live in a tiny two bedroom flat or you can pool your resources and get a four bedroom house. You have the added social, emotional and economic support – and a babysitter when you need it.”

  • How else can we create a community of single mums who are struggling to pay for rent?
  • Will the new site itself be the answer to many single mums’ affordability problem?
  • Are payment rates from the government for single mums enough?

Whilst action needs to be taken, there are numerous organisations here in Australia which are helping single mums with rental support and other services which are doing a wonderful job and need continued support;

  • Mission Australia
  • Red Cross
  • St.Vincent de paul
  • The Salvation Army
  • Space4

These are all issues we need to consider and discuss further. If you have more thoughts about how to help support single mums with renting affordability and house sharing, we want to hear from you.


How flatmate.com is planning to help

Flatmate.com is planning to help single mums who are experiencing the struggles of living out of home with Australia’s rent prices, as well as those individuals alike.

Make sure to stay tuned with more announcements coming soon in how we will help with the rent crisis.