Meeting potential flatmate in a cafe

Interviewing potential flatmates

So interviewing potential flatmates can be a nerve racking experience, probably not as nerve racking as a blind date, but on the same level. This person could be your future partner for life! (Don’t say we didn’t warn you! More on that later)

For the first initial meeting, it may be worthwhile meeting in a public space, like a cafe or bar. This can keep your personal space private, until you feel they “are worthy” of being allowed in your home, and you feel comfortable that you have done the necessary background checks.

Don’t forget you’re letting strangers in to your home, so it may be worthwhile getting the reference checks and first impressions out of the way in an environment that is neutral, other than your home.

If all the other flatmates are available, then everyone should go, otherwise at least 2 of the current flatmates.

If there is only one of you, then girls should never go alone. Take a friend.

What are you going to ask them?

There are endless questions you can ask, depending on what your interests are, and also the interests of the other flatmates. They may have questions for you, depending on their interests. Don’t forget they are sussing you out, as much as you are sussing them.

In this day and age, it’s easy to check out people online, so before the catch-up, maybe look to swap LinkedIn profiles or other social media, or even offer referee phone numbers from current or past employees.


There are plenty of places online to get question ideas, but really, at the end of the day, it’s how you feel when you are talking to these people. Can you imagine yourself living with them?

Can you imagine them passed out on the bathroom floor, or worse still, you passed out in front of them. Yes, we have witnessed this firsthand ourselves. Ah the joys of share living 😉

We get all of our inspiration from Shallow Grave, an early Danny Boyle film starring Ewan McGregor.

We’d love to hear your tips or experiences, please do share 🙂