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3 cleaning hacks every pet owner should know

A few simple tricks to make living with a pet, a breeze!

Are you currently living with a pet or wish to get one soon? If so, you need to know that any pet you get, especially a dog will need as much care as a newborn baby. But while the baby will eventually grow up and start taking care of itself, a dog will not. You will have to do everything for it and you will have to make your home a nice and safe environment for the dog as well.

And if you already have a dog and are dedicated to taking care of it, you should make this very clear when it comes to renting an apartment. Because not every landlord would be pleased to let a dog into their property. And you need to know what responsibilities you will have on your side in case your dog damages something on the property.

There are different ways that the landlord can protect their property and you should know what to expect. The landlord or the estate agent can add any kind of clause to the lease that states that you are permitted only one pet (yours), or that they would need you to pay a ‘pet rent’ or they might want you to pay a bigger deposit, to cover damages done by the pet. Or they may add a clause that state that you should have the apartment professionally cleaned and treated for fleas before you move out.

If you sign a lease and you and your pet move into an apartment, you would need to know some cleaning hacks to make your shared living there easier.

Hack #1 Flea repellent

you can make a natural flea repellent on your own and use it on your dog’s bedding and on your dog’s collar for when you are outside. All you need to do is get cedar or lavender essential oil, teaspoons of water and mix them well. Pour drops on all sides of your dog’s collar. Or you can make a spray by mixing a cup of apple cider vinegar, 1 quart of water and 2-3 drops of cedar or lavender essential oil. Spray your dog’s bedding or the dog itself, but do it carefully not to get it in its eyes or ears

Hack #2 Pet hair

If there are carpets and rugs in the apartment and the furniture upholstery materials are pet hair magnets, CarpetCleaners Camden Town advises you to use a squeegee or a damp rubber glove to efficiently remove all pet hair from them. Vacuuming will not get any of the pet hair, better try a lint roller, but a rubber item will collect more pet hair. Or if possible, remove as many rugs as you can to make your cleaning easier.

Hack #3 Pet urine and stains

If you are really concerned about your dog’s health, and you should be, and do not want to use harsh chemicals when cleaning up their mess, this is a simple trick you should know for dealing with this unpleasant job.

If your dog has had an accident on the carpet and it smells and the stain is unsightly, use white vinegar and baking soda. Pour vinegar on the stain to soak it very well, after that pour a tablespoon or more of baking soda (depending on the size of the stain) and let this mixture do its magic for at least a day. Cover the stain with a box or a bowl to not step on it and wait. The next day vacuum the soda. This should deodorise the smell and remove the yellowish colour of the stain.

If your dog is trained and listens to you, you should be safe from it causing any damages, right? You can always show it that it has done something bad if it was done on purpose. But the above-mentioned hacks are a great way to help you with common dog owners’ problems. Because they are inevitable and you should be prepared, especially if you want to keep living in the same place with your dog and not have to worry about your landlord. You just need to keep the apartment clean and the noise to a minimum.