3 easy steps to turn your Flat balcony into a tropical and edible Oasis

If you live in a big city, the chances that you are living in a small flat are most likely, so having a garden sounds nearly impossible. But wait… What if we can tell you that you can still have a beautiful tropical oasis? If your apartment has a balcony, you can transform it into a stunning garden with fresh flowers and herbs and maybe some vegetables. These type of gardens are called container gardens, and they are becoming extremely popular for flatting and are so easy to take care of. If you choose the right plants, take regular care of them and have a passion for gardening, you will enjoy the benefits of your own beautiful garden while nurturing your plants, all in the space of a small balcony. 

1. Choosing the Right Plants

When it comes to choosing the right plants for your container, the choice is big. The first thing you need to do is see how much sunlight hits your balcony, patio or porch, and depending on that, there are several plants which are the best choice for your container garden. If your balcony is facing the sun on the southern side and it is always hot and sunny, the best plants will be the sturdy ones that can take on that heat. So think Lavender, Aloe Vera, Bougainvillea, for flowers and for vegetables; peppers and tomatoes and herbs like oregano and basil. If your porch or balcony is in shade and protected, you need to choose plants that can survive without sunlight for a long time and the plants that are best for that type of balcony are Peace Lilies, Philodendron, Boston Fern, vegetables like Salad Greens and herbs like, mint, parsley and chives.

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2. Taking Care for Your Garden

If you invest your time and energy into your new container garden, it would be a shame to let it wither, so you need to make a plan and stick to it, to water it on time, harvest it and prune your garden. Nowadays, there is an app for everything and so there are several apps used for gardening. Because we spend a lot of our time with our phones and computers, this is a great way to combine our passion for gardening with modern technology. Studies have shown that gardening reduces stress, alleviates depression and increases your immune functions and, the most important thing, plants increase your overall happiness. So, make sure that you check the appropriate apps online that can help you never forget to water your plants and take proper care of them.


3. The Fruits of Your Labor

If you have done all the things that we mentioned above, you will have a lush oasis on your balcony, rooftop or patio, and now, the only thing you need to do is to just sit back and enjoy. Imagine yourself sitting on your balcony and drinking a lemonade which you have garnished with ingredients from your garden. Or, maybe sitting with your friends, relaxing, and serving them the salsa you have made with the peppers, cilantro and tomatoes you grew by yourself. And every time you step outside, you feel overwhelmed with how beautiful you have made your living space. You can just sit there and watch the sunset, while the scent of lavender consumes you. The sight of your stunning lush oasis can erase everything bad that might have happened to you that day. If you are growing vegetables, you could even have a barbecue, just like this handy invention below. 



Here are some inspiring oasis balconies you should use for your own balcony;

Beautiful vertical gardens.



Small and elegant porch with style



This is a really cool balcony with cute dog down the bottom 🙂



We hope that we have shown you that you can still have a garden even if you don’t live in a big house with a bigger backyard. So, have in mind our steps and turn that sad and bored balcony into a mind-blowing oasis. Roll up your sleeves and start grooming your garden, get the supplies, pick out the pots, oasis theme and furniture and make sure that you can enjoy your garden every single day. Have in mind the size of your space so that you can use every inch of it, choose the color of the walls carefully, so that it will match with your pots and furniture, like the beautiful examples above.– everything needs to be in sync in order to look nice, otherwise, it can be a little messy. We have given you enough tips, now it is up to you to get creative and design your lush oasis so that it takes everyone’s breath away.

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Have you created an oasis inspired balcony or porch? Let us know! We would love to write about it 🙂