8 pets that you wish were your flatmate

Through various stages of our lives, we tend to face different experiences. Most would agree that the period of sharing your flat with someone is quite challenging at times, but it also creates some of the most interesting memories in our lives. Some people are good to live with, others are difficult at times, however, there are those who are impossible to live with and any sort of pet would easily be more a more appropriate substitute. Here are some suggestions to replace them.

1. Dogs

Dogs are simply an awesome substitute for a bad flatmate. These little guys are man’s best friend. They are always there for you when you need them. They connect with you and are always looking to lighten up your mood. A day will not pass without an awesome greeting when you are back home from a hard day’s work. Dogs are also very active and they will follow you wherever you go. They will demand more care than an average flatmate does, but you will always feel gratitude and honest love coming from your dog. If you have an extremely irritating flatmate, getting a dog will be a major upgrade in your life. You will simply feel less stressful.

2. Cats

Cats are great! People love how independent they are and this is for those who do not want to be alone, but want to feel more independent. Cats take care of their hygiene which leaves less responsibility for their owner. This is a perfect substitute for those clingy flatmates who like talking too much, which becomes overwhelming after some time. These pets offer true peace and quiet when you need it and they also offer endless warm nights when they decide to spend them with you.

3. Rabbits

This is a really neutral pet that will make you feel like you are living alone. They are easy to take care of and are very adorable and cute pets. They will take care of their hygiene more than your irritating flatmate. Another thing they might inspire you to change is your diet, because they are very keen on vegetables. While you are relaxing after work, these lovely pets will hop in your lap to show their affection.

4. Sloth

Sloths are just awesome. They will always listen to you when you are having a bad day. Just like this one!

5. Birds

If you have constantly argued with your roommate, this might be the perfect substitution, as these pets will always support what you have to say by repeating it. It is easy to take care of parrots and they are quite interesting characters. People like them because they are very intriguing and adorable pets. If you want a neutral pet who will only sometimes interfere with your daily activities, this might be the perfect choice for you.

6. Sugar Gliders


These are awesome squirrel looking pets which originate from Australia. They are very easy to take care of because they feed on fruit. They are a little bit active during the day and they are perfect if you want your pets to roam through your place. After seeing these little creatures, you will immediately get rid of your annoying flatmate.

7. Turtles

These are perfect little creatures if you want to save up on room when your flatmate leaves your place. They are very easy to take care of and they take up little room. They are very passive and some people love this about them. You have an obligation of feeding them and that is pretty much it. They are very quiet and they will make you forget about you bad flatmate very soon.

8. Guinea Pig


If you want a little cuddly pet, this is the perfect choice for you. They also take up a little bit of room and they are more active than turtles. They will give you that perfect mixture of activity and peacefulness. The mentioned facts offer more than an annoying roommate.

Don’t let a bad flatmate let your life down. This is why it is important to exclude them from our lives. If you do not want to live alone, these are some of the most popular pet choices which will easily substitute your exasperating flatmate.

Which pets do you wish you could replace with your flatmate?