13 Types of Flatmates You Will Need and Experience in Your Life

Having a flatmate is a great solution if you’re living on a tight budget. You never know what kind of person you’ll end up living with when finding a flatmate, but one of the best things about living with someone is meeting new people and sharing some amazing experiences with them. If you’re searching for a new flatmate at the moment, here is a list of 13 types of flatmates that you will need in your life.

1. The Social Butterfly

Having a flatmate that is a complete social butterfly means you will never again have to spend time alone. There will always be people around and you will not have to live through another boring day in your life. The social butterfly flatmate is always in the center of all interesting happenings and your schedule will always be full – no more staying at home alone and binge-watching your favourite shows on Netflix. Your life will become more interesting than you could have ever imagined.

2. The Party Animal

If you find a flatmate that is the definition of a party animal, you will always be attending the best parties and going to the best clubs together. When you’re tired of all the partying, you can rest at home with no one bothering you, because your flatmate is always ready to party and will be out all night.

3. The Control Freak

Having a flatmate who is a control freak means that there will be a special place for every little thing you have in your flat. You will become more careful with where you leave your stuff because you don’t want your flatmate to freak out. You cannot throw your clothes on the floor and leave your things everywhere around the place – decorum is the key.

4. The Super Clean Flatmate

If you have a flatmate who is literally obsessed with cleaning, you may not even have to lift your finger anymore when it comes to cleaning your room and putting everything back to its place. Your flatmate’s obsession will not leave you space to clean something yourself, which is a great thing if you happen to be lazy.

5. The Cook

If you’re a type of person who never seems to find their way around the kitchen, the cook flatmate is just perfect for you. That kind of flatmate will never be out of the kitchen and there will always be only the best food around.

6. The Comedian

Life will never be boring if you have a flatmate who is constantly telling jokes and making everything super funny. Whenever you’re feeling down, your flatmate will find a way to make you smile, and laughing will become a part of your daily routine.

7. The Therapist

This kind of flatmate will always be ready to give some advice, so whenever you feel cornered and don’t know what decision to make, your flatmate will have just the right solution. Everybody needs some objective advice from time to time, right? This type of flatmate is perfect when you need someone to listen to you and hear all about your problems.

8. The Phantom Flatmate

Having a phantom flatmate is perfect if you like privacy and having the place all to yourself. Your flatmate will always be either out or in the other room. Even when your flatmate is home, you will never hear any noise or anything showing there’s someone in the flat with you – you will always have your peace and quiet.

9. The Academic

This type of flatmate will always be head-buried in an endless stack of books and you can never hear them making any noise. The library is definitely their second home, so half the time, they will not even be home with you.

10. The Best Friend

You may find a flatmate who will actually become your new best friend. You will hang out all the time and spend late nights talking about your life experiences and you will feel like you have found your soul mate. What is more perfect than that?

11. The Tech-Savvy Flatmate

If you can’t keep up the pace with the constant updates in technology, don’t worry; the tech-savvy flatmate will always be there to help you out. You will have the best apps and upgrades for your PC and smartphone and you’ll never again have to think about modem or router problems.

12. The Handyman

If you are a person who has no idea how to repair anything, this kind of flatmate is perfect for you. Your handyman flatmate will be there whenever something in your home breaks and stops working and it will instantly come back to life.

13. The Drama-Free Flatmate

Nobody likes drama queens, so this these types of flatmates are great if you need easygoing people to live with. Chill is their middle name, so you will never get into any conflict and you will easily get along.

Living with someone is not at all easy, so you need to find a person whose habits will not annoy you and with whom you will have good communication. Consider this list of flatmates when finding your perfect one and you may find your new best friend.

(Image Source: NewStatesman)


Tell us, which flatmates have you lived with that aren’t on this list? We would love to know 🙂