9 Flatmate Apartment Fails You Will Certainly Experience

Are you planning on finding a flatmate? Sharing your living space with a roommate is a great life experience. Being alone is boring, and before you get into a serious relationship or start planning a family, you will certainly want to live with a friend or a colleague from college. There are many appealing sides to living with someone, however it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. There are certain you fails you will experience and have to go through and some of them may be caused directly by your flatmate.

1. When you figure out your roommate ate most of the food your mum prepared for you

We all had this one. You are in college and you are getting tired of eating food at the cafeteria. Your mom decides to help you out by sending a package of homemade food she prepared just the way you like it. You come back from a lecture and find the empty box of food on the table while your roommate is watching TV. Is there anything else to say?

2. When your roommate parties all the time

Partying is a normal thing, especially when you share your living space with other people. It can be fun to do random crazy stuff with your roommates, however when you know you have to get up early in the morning and your roommate is keeping you up all night, partying with his friends, then you have to change certain things.

3. Your roommate broke the AC unit during the summer

There are special kinds of people, I tell you. Those people that try to fix things even when they know they aren’t broken. You tell them not to touch it and they still go ahead and break them. And, now you don’t have a working AC unit in the middle of the summer.


4. When your roommate wouldn’t throw out his spoiled food for months

Probably one of the most common fails ever. You enter your apartment and suddenly there is a huge wave of terror coming at you. No matter if it’s fish, meat or anything else, it certainly isn’t a pleasant smell. You tell your roomie that he should throw that stuff out but he (or she) is too depressed, crying about their ex.


5. When your rent is due and your roommate is nowhere to be found

The end of the month has come and your landlord is calling you to pay the rent. You get your money ready in order to pay your share and then suddenly, you realize that your roommate isn’t in the apartment. You call him on his cell and there is no answer, the landlord yells at you even though it’s not your fault. To make things worse, your roommate comes home after a couple of days, and the first thing he says is “what’s up roomie?”

6. Cleaning the mess your roommate left

The worst kind of roommate you could possibly have is a messy one. You just stopped living with your older brother, who loved to make you clean after him and you don’t need to go through this again.

7. The power went out and you had to spend the whole night in the dark

You and your flatmate planned to stay in and play some video games on your console, when all of a sudden, you find yourself sitting in the dark and you can’t even see the snacks you bought.


8. The cockroaches invaded your apartment

After a night out, you come home all tired and exhausted. You turn on the light and you have something to see, big black bugs running all over the place. Just keep calm and crush them all to pieces – later on, you can call the exterminator as well.

9. The utility bills are through the roof

Control your roommate. Don’t let him (or her) get carried away and make a utility bill higher than your rent. Bear in mind that you can’t measure how much electricity each of you spent. But, you secretly know it’s them 😉

These are some of the most common fails you might go through when living with a roommate. Approach these things with a dose of humour and everything will be fine.

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What flatmate apartment fails have you experienced? Tell us in the comments below 🙂

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