Welcome Jayen and finderful.com to the flatmate.com team

We are really excited here @ flatmate.com HQ to announce the introduction of our new partner Jayen Ashar from finderful.com.

Jayen comes on board as a shareholder, taking care of all the IT matters (system administration + software development) and contributing to business development.

With over 20 years battling the keyboard and mouse to develop and contribute towards some of the world’s leading-edge IT platforms in the areas of real estate, transport and education.

Jayen is very passionate about areas of social change one of our big areas of interest especially with our partnership with StreetSmart to assist with homelessness projects and initiatives.

We have a really exciting year ahead next year working on some amazing feature updates, and integrations with some of your favourite platforms to help making finding a flatmate so much easier, and smarter!