A bride-to-be donated her wedding reception to the homeless.

It’s a brides worst nightmare.

Dana Olsen’s fiancé got cold feet just weeks before their wedding, leaving her alone and at a loss of what to do with the non-refundable reception hall her family had paid for to house their 250 guests.

What she did though was a testament to her kindness and outright generosity. Dana organised for more than 100 local homeless children and their families to attend her reception, on what would have been her wedding day, and enjoy the food and merriment she couldn’t.

“If I’m going to have a really bad weekend, at least I want to help someone else have a really good day,” Miss Olsen said.

Dana’s family decided to attend because of the personal and financial investment they’d put towards the big day, but Dana herself decided to sit this one out. Mainly because she thought having a “Xanax and Chill” Saturday night might be more suited to her predicament.

We really hope this good karma sends her the right man next time.