8 signs your flatmate has become your BAE

You're already living together. You've skipped about fifteen steps in the relationship process.

It's obviously not hard to fall in love with your housemate. They're basically like the partner you got to CHOOSE to have leaving their smelly socks and three-day-old underwear under the kitchen bench (GROSS). They couldn't lie to you about their age, hobbies, religious affiliations, or that youtube video of them eating 12 hotdogs in 1 minute, because hey they had to fill out all those exhaustive forms just to be near you in the first place.

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No lies, just love.

So if you've noticed some of these things happening then we are 99.9% sure your flatmate wants to cuddle you at night or share your toothbrush. You know what I mean.

1. Your flatmate gives you a running commentary of their date.

You are also the person they ask to ring them after 30 minutes with an "emergency", just in case they have to ditch this Tinder loser.



2. If either of your parents decide to visit, they actually clean out the cutlery drawer and WIPE THE FINE CHINA.

You never know when your mum may reach for a knife only to find it hasn't been washed in 1.3 years.



3. You have a secret language of swears that would sound ridiculous to anyone else.

"Can you come over here you, flippetyflacker!?" See, absurd.



4. When you rant to them about the price of petrol/the ridiculousness of your mechanical and mechatronic physics lecture/your dog sh*tting everywhere, they genuinely listen.

They don't have a car, take the subject or like pets but by god do they nod their head like they FEEL YOU FROM THEIR SOUL. Hold onto that magic.



5. They don't even close the door when they go to the toilet/shower.

You've seen and heard it all. However disturbing that may be, you've got to give them kudos for their confidence.



6. If neither of you finds a partner by age 30, you'll marry each other.

It's an unshakeable pact. For now you'll settle for carving your names, "Carrie + Tim", into a tree. Because tree's are forever.



7. When they get free coupons for salsa dancing lessons/grocery shopping/crocs, you go and use them. Because bonding.

Who cares if you don't know what you're doing and you just head butted the teacher???



8. They understand that you're never on a "diet" and there is always room for cheesecake.

When everyone else is offering you a salad, BAE is offering you a sandwich. With white bread. And nutella.



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