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Refugees from Syria within a month from arrival into Australia become volunteers

Now this story will make you feel good. Despite the continuing controversy and debate around the Government’s intake of 12,000 Syrian refugees from the recent unfoldings from the war on Islamic state, there have been many questions from the Australian public about what the influx of refugees means for Australian life. After reading this story, it will put into perspective what it truly means to these people. 

Meet Johnny and Carol Bilouna, a couple from Syria who left the battle-wounded Syria to settle and create a better life here in Australia. The couple were recently interviewed by Angela Thompson, from The Optimist, where they were both volunteering to help with a stranger’s roof in Illawarra, where recent, fierce storms had taken place.

It’s a great story and highly recommend reading it. It truly highlights the positive impact of helping refugees settle in Australia. Read more here

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