Love when my flatmate moves out and steals all the plates

Love when my flatmate moves out and steals all the plates… Cheers kid.

Hmmm Ultan, you have a dilemma on your hands that’s for sure. This issue comes up a lot when people are moving in and out of share houses. I’m sure we can all live with the odd glass of milk or bowl of cereal but when it comes to actual physical possessions it can get nasty. Where did the plates come from in the first place? Were they yours? Did you buy them? Or is just a case of flatty taking back what was originally theirs? These are all important questions we at need to know before we can pass judgement on your case!

As always in these issues it’s about respect. We all know sharing a kitchen can be hazardous for flat harmony so it’s best to always keep the other person in mind whenever you are in there. Is there anybody who can tell us they have never stolen the odd bit of food from your flatmate? We at over-heard a friend recently describing how they started preparing a meal in their share house only to continually discover they were missing key ingredients. In the end they basically made the meal out of their flatmate’s stash, the conversation went something like this:

….just take one egg, some pasta, some meat……and bit of her sauce…ah f#ck it just finish the lot and throw the can away hopefully she doesn’t notice. Better than being so obvious and leaving it half empty…”

I’m sure a lot of us can relate to this situation. has no problem with this scenario but suggest you think about replacing the items and also letting your flatmate know you borrowed the gear. Also a big tip to remember, if they need anything that you took before you have had the chance to replace it, you have to go and get it then and there so as to not leave them hanging and without the key ingredient, this will save them cursing you help keep a harmonious space. In your case Ultan, it’s a toughie as the person has left the house already so there is no opportunity for recourse, looks like you’re snookered on this one my friend.