best way to kick out a flatmate

Best way to kick out a flatmate

So your flatmate has stolen your last piece of bread, or used the last of your favourite mustard. Instead of peacefully calling a truce and hoping it will never happen again, you decide to kick them out!

It could be because they ate the last of your tim-tam’s one to many times, or they slept with your boyfriend / girlfriend. You may find yourself in the uncomfortable position of having to ask your flatmate to move out.

If you’re name is on the lease, and most of the utilities, then you have every right to stand your ground, with due intent of course. If you live with other people, then you will need to discuss the situation with them.

You may be the one being asked to move out.

Of course you are totally in the right, and perfect in every way, and of course you are in charge of the living arrangements, and nothing gets approved unless you sign in blood on the flatmate charter everyone agreed to when they moved in. . .?

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