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You think your flatmate is weird?

Weird flatmates come in all colours

Flatmates come in all shapes and colours.  From the very basic clean, tidy and agreeable person, to the late night heavy metal playing guitarist. We all have a space in the world and flatmates are no exception.

We asked a few people to share some of their stories about past sharing experiences.  Some of them are interesting, to say the least.

ABC Broadcaster Lindy Burns once shared a house with a man who liked to dress as a wizard.

Comedian Damian Callinan shared a house with a man who was never there but invited random people to stay in his place, including one woman who ended up taking Damian’s clothes and wearing them. He ran into her in a pub and bought her a beer, while she was dressed in a sweater his mother had knitted him.

Another woman lived with a bulimic who would consume odd food combinations (500g of butter and 1 kg sugar) in the middle of the night.

Many have shared stories of stoners who would do odd things, including stealing corningware when asked to leave.

Many have stories of people stealing – money, their electronics and whitegoods, CD’s, underwear and garden gnomes.

Other have stories of sexual behaviour – including one man who passed out while having some ‘time alone’ on the sofa – his housemate came home to find him trousers at ankles and equipment in hand. This happened on more than one occasion.

Another who set his mattress on fire smoking in bed, ate corn and beans cold from tins in the middle of the night and ran up more than $3000 on phone sex lines.

A guy moved in to share a house with a young woman – a friend, of a friend of a friend. They have been together for 8 years now and have two children.

We would love to hear your stories to share with others.. but keep them nice and no names so you don’t incriminate others.


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