8 things all flatmates must do together to get to know one another.

So you’ve selected your flatmate. Congratulations, you’ve just found someone to blame for leaving the toilet seat up when your mum comes over. But before you can really be true BFF’s, you need to take the following measures to ensure you get to know each other.

Binge on a TV series together.


We’re talking a whole day of Friends/Walking Dead/Suits/NCIS episodes side by side with a chilled cider in your hand. It’ll probably be important to note when they laugh or cry at a particular scene, because then you’ll know if they’re a homie or a psychopath. You just will.

Talk to each other about your bodily functions.


Zits, periods (and syncing up – you know what I mean), diarrhoea. In a house of multiple bodies, you’re going to have to talk about your bodies. And if you decide that your first night is going to involve a Mexican dish, you’ll find out a lot sooner than most.

Have a position on terrorism/religion/child rearing and stick to it.


If you’ve got some opinions, as we all do, it’s important you voice them and gauge a reaction from your flatmate – just so you know you’re on the same page. If you disagree? You can either spend hours of Friday nights attempting to convince one another or just lay out some mutual respect. The latter is lovelier.

Play Cards Against Humanity.

And prepare for a battle to the death.

Share the most embarrassing date you’ve ever been on.

Did he lean in for a kiss and you were so drunk you vomited on the ground in front of him? It’s time to ‘fess that charmer up. Sharing your most vulnerable and awkward moments will actually bring you together. After they get over how gross you are.

Choose each other’s Tinder dates.

Laugh when they answer the door and the other flatmate answers. They’ll be very confused.

Shop online together.

Obviously empty your cart and close the browser before you purchase a miniature pony, but seeing what each other wear/enjoy/eat/Groupon will give you ideas for birthdays in the inevitable future. Clever, huh?

Stalk each other on social media and then admit it.

You just want to see what they were doing in Barcelona in 2010, but you should definitely tell them about the stalking once you’ve figured out they aren’t a serial killer. And you want them to take you to Barcelona after all so it helps to be truthful.