Which celebrity would you like to have as a flatmate?

We asked and you answered: if you could live with any other celebrity who would it be, and why? It might be because you find Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory charming/able to help you with your trig homework, or Alicia Silverstone from Clueless your soul sister.

Whoever it is, all bets were off when we asked hassled some regular users into admitting who their #flatmatecrush would be.

Tahlia P, 20

“That’s an easy one. Obviously Ice T from SVU. Imagine having a flatmate that could pop a cap on any intruder/unwanted ex-boyfriend we might face ourselves with? And the way he talks would definitely make me feel like I was in the mafia. Every. Day.”



Amelia M, 23

“Probably Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I still feel bad for the poor sucker in 500 Days of Summer. I’ve also had a keen dislike of Zoe Deschanel ever since.”


Matthew K, 19

“Rachel McAdams, hands down. I want her to put ice cream on my face like she did with Ryan Gosling in the Notebook. It could happen.”


Olivia S, 18

“Justin Bieber. Wait, did you say this had to be realistic?”


Madeline A, 22

“Um, don’t ask me why I’d choose this, but is Garfield an option? Because I’d go with that.”


Thomas R, 19

“Johnny Depp. No two days would be the same if he was around.”